Chinese Electric Bus Fire

tl;dr: Scary pics.

Looks like an EV bus caught on fire in Shanghai yesterday – specifically, a hybrid ultracapacitor/Li-ion bus. Thankfully no one appears to be hurt, but doubtless this is going to call into question the safety of the current generation of Li-ion batteries. More detail at Green Car Reports.

[Photo via Eastday, with lots more scary-looking ones where that came from.]

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1 Response to Chinese Electric Bus Fire

  1. Sean Ruppel says:

    It should raise questions about the quality and integrity (or lack thereof) of Chinese manufacturing. This has not happened with US manufactured hybrid buses containing battery systems by A123 (yes I own a very small stake). Only bad battery among the thousands installed can cause problems if the batttery management system and/or cooling system are not working correctly.

    People want energy that is portable, inexpensive, doesn’t pollute and is safe – good luck with that.

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