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Who Wins ARPA-E Grants?

tl;dr: You can’t cheat your way to an ARPA-E grant by gaming the system. The program appears to be run in a remarkably unbiased fashion. Most folks in energy start-up land know that ARPA-E – the U.S. government agency launched … Continue reading

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Solyndra Observations

tl;dr: There’s a reason they call it risk capital. As you’re doubtless aware, Solyndra announced yesterday that it’s shutting down. The CIGS-on-tubes solar module maker raised nearly $2 billion in capital, including more than $1 billion from venture investors and … Continue reading


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Chinese Electric Bus Fire

tl;dr: Scary pics. Looks like an EV bus caught on fire in Shanghai yesterday – specifically, a hybrid ultracapacitor/Li-ion bus. Thankfully no one appears to be hurt, but doubtless this is going to call into question the safety of the … Continue reading

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