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Melting Glaciers and Motivation

tl;dr: Depressing? Motivating? Both. Team Nordan spent the last couple weeks of summer in three national parks – Glacier, Yellowstone, and Grand Teton. Weather and wildfires cooperated to deliver spectacular views and lots of wildlife. I came across the gal … Continue reading

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PRIME Coalition: A New Funding Model for Radical Energy Innovation

tl;dr: PRIME launches today, bringing a new source of funding – philanthropic capital – to clean energy tech. How will we scale the world for 10 billion 11 billion people? How will we double the size of the consuming class … Continue reading

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Square Pegs, Round Holes, and Innovation

I spoke a couple of weeks ago at the NextWave Greentech Investing conference (organized by my friend Rob Day at Black Coral Capital). My aim was to describe the past, present, and future of investment in energy and environmental innovation … Continue reading

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Energy, Human Evolution, and Neuroscience

There’s a dividing line down the center of energy and environmental community. On one side are Amory Lovins types who say that we should focus exclusively on deploying the technologies we already have, because no breakthroughs are needed to scale … Continue reading

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Five Lessons Learned From Bringing Cleantech to China

tl;dr: Experienced cleantech CEOs leverage China instead of fearing it – enlisting self-interested partners to defend IP and manage risk. This post was co-written with George Miller, an MIT MBA student who conducted this research while interning with me. A … Continue reading

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