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Energy, Human Evolution, and Neuroscience

There’s a dividing line down the center of energy and environmental community. On one side are Amory Lovins types who say that we should focus exclusively on deploying the technologies we already have, because no breakthroughs are needed to scale … Continue reading


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The Very Curious Hybrid Boom

tl;dr: U.S. hybrid vehicle sales were up 61% in 2012. It’s unclear why. Riddle me this: Why did U.S. hybrid sales take off last year? Prior to 2012, hybrids looked like something between a fad and a niche. Sales peaked … Continue reading

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Installing a Nest, Investing in Nest

tl;dr: Nest Labs performs magic – making energy efficiency awesome, even for the nontechnical and non-green. We’re delighted to invest in the company. Back in February I acquired a Nest Learning Thermostat, famously designed by Apple’s original iPhone team. Looks … Continue reading

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Nest Installation Photo Log

tl;dr: Mrs. Nordan vs. Nest thermostat! Will it take an afternoon to install? Will we ruin our house in the process? No on both counts! In June we installed a Nest Learning Thermostat in chez Nordan; I helmed the camera … Continue reading

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Green Button Initiative: Great Start, More to Do

tl;dr: Data about energy consumption = good! Data about rate plans plus meaningful incentives = even better! I know, I know, I’ve been in absentia from this blog lately: Blame the month of January, in which entrepreneurs emerge from hiding … Continue reading

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