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The State of Cleantech Venture Capital: What Lies Ahead

(A version of this post also appeared at GigaOM.) tl;dr: Cleantech VC is receding because of poor short-term performance – no surprise in a post-bubble field with outsized time and money requirements. The category is about to go on a … Continue reading

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The Very Curious Hybrid Boom

tl;dr: U.S. hybrid vehicle sales were up 61% in 2012. It’s unclear why. Riddle me this: Why did U.S. hybrid sales take off last year? Prior to 2012, hybrids looked like something between a fad and a niche. Sales peaked … Continue reading

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Entrepreneur Tools: The Returns Analysis

tl;dr: To successfully target VCs, view your deal through their eyes. I got an outstanding piece of advice in my first job: “Always see the world from the other person’s point of view.” If you’re trying to sign the pivotal … Continue reading

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Installing a Nest, Investing in Nest

tl;dr: Nest Labs performs magic – making energy efficiency awesome, even for the nontechnical and non-green. We’re delighted to invest in the company. Back in February I acquired a Nest Learning Thermostat, famously designed by Apple’s original iPhone team. Looks … Continue reading


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Nest Installation Photo Log

tl;dr: Mrs. Nordan vs. Nest thermostat! Will it take an afternoon to install? Will we ruin our house in the process? No on both counts! In June we installed a Nest Learning Thermostat in chez Nordan; I helmed the camera … Continue reading

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